Silencer Bass

Silencer Bass

The process of Inverse String Winding compresses the outermost part of the cover wrap leaving the internal structure of the string intact. Exclusive to S.I.T., this design produces a silky feel which is easier on your fingers and frets, but explodes with a great sound. Perfect for fretless basses. Nickel plated steel over hex-core.

NRL4095L - Extra Light   .040NRL .060NRL .080NRL .095NRL BUY NOW
NRL45100L - Light   .045NRL .065NRL .080NRL .100NRL BUY NOW
NRL45105L - Medium Light  




NRL50105L - Medium   .050NRL .070NRL .085NRL .105NRL BUY NOW
NRL545120L - 5-String Light .045NRL .065NRL .080NRL .100NRL .120NRL BUY NOW
NRL630120L - 6 String Light .030NRL .045NRL .065NRL .080NRL .100NRL BUY NOW