Aaron Lewis Signature Series Royal Bronze Acoustic

Aaron Lewis Signature Series Royal Bronze Acoustic

Royal Bronze Premium Acoustic Strings

The rich color of the Royal Bronze acoustic strings is your guarantee of a bright, full, long lasting string. They are great for any style of acoustic guitar playing.  You will no doubt find our strings to be your #1 choice for recording or performing. The Royal Bronze acoustics are our most popular choice among touring and recording professionals alike.

What is Fusion Winding?

Fusion Wound technology utilizes electricity to fuse the Phosphor Bronze cover wrap more tightly to the core of the string. This process, which is exclusive to S.I.T Strings, eliminates loose spots in the winding.  Loose spots in the winding can cause a “dead sounding string” or a string with a shortened life span.  But with Fusion Wound Technology, the final result is an acoustic string with a truly unique sound and feel.  This process is also available on our Rock Bright line of bass strings.

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