Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper)

Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper)
Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper)

Kelli was born in Huntington Beach, California on September 7, 1971. He is most famous for replacing guitarists in numerous American hard rock bands.[citation needed] In the past, he has also played in bands he founded such as Saints of the Underground, Adler's Appetite (formerly Suki Jones), New World Idols, Rubber (formerly Blow), Big Bang Babies and Empire(1987).

Some of the other bands he has played in include: Slash's Snakepit(Also featuring Slash from Guns N' Roses), Skid Row, Vince Neil Band, Ratt, Warrant, L.A. Guns, Pretty Boy Floyd, Adler's Appetite, Dad's Porno Mag, The Newlydeads, Love/Hate, Tuff , Tal Bachman, Saints of the Underground (formerly Angel City Outlaws), Phucket, Alice Cooper & Liberty N' Justice.
He co-wrote and made a guest appearance on the first single "Bleed" from U.S. Crush's self-titled album on Virgin/Immortal Records.
As of late, he's touring the planet with Alice Cooper.
Keri has also been in the studio, recording with Saints of the Underground, and their album, "Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner", which hit stores worldwide April 22, 2008. Keri co-wrote most of the songs with the lead singer of the band, Jani Lane.
In July 2009, Keri opened "Aces & Ales" restaurant and craft beer bar in Las Vegas, Nevada.